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4G LTE External Antenna Multiband for Huawei ZTE Router 007

Antenna manufacturer 4g lte antenna external modem router antenna

Multiband LTE omnidirectional antenna with up to 12dBi performance gain, SMA connector and articulated joint. With this 4G antenna you easily strengthen the connection of your 4G router. The compact rod antenna is screwed directly onto your 4G router. External 4G antenna connectors in SMA format are required for this. The 4G omnidirectional antenna is suitable for all 3G and 4G frequency bands used in Europe


    This compact omnidirectional multi band indoor 4G antenna is designet for 800, 1800 and 2600 MHz frequency and has a gain of up to 12dBi. The 4G antenna helps you to improve your 3G / 4G connection. Using this omni 4G antenna will increase the signal strenght, quality and bandwidth of your 4G connection.
    It has a SMA male connector with 90° artculated joint. This 4G antenna is compatible to the most popular, available 4G routers.

    Frequency Range: 698~806MHz/824~894MHz/925~960MHz/1710~1785MHz/

    Polarization Type:Vertical   


    Maximum Imput Power:50W                              

    Input Impedance:50 Ohms                       

    Connector Type:RP-SMA male/SMA male/FME female/TS9 /N  male/ CRC9 or customer appoint

    Cable Type: RG174(best)100% copper   

    Cable Length:2m                       

    Dimensions:17 x 10 x 5cm