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LF-ANT4G01 Indoor high gain 4G LTE MIMO Antenna 2M cable

2* SMA /2* CRC9/2* TS9 Male Connector 3g 4g Lte Antenna 700~2600mhz Mobile Antenna Booster Mimo Panel Antenna

Extend the signal range indoor or in fringe network area
The antenna is MIMO (Multiple in Multiple out) 4G LTE antenna designed to provide reliable 4G connection for a wide range of 4G devices.
It can be pluged into 3G/4G USB modems or mobile hotspot to boost speeds and extend coverage in building or vehicles, or from remote sited where network coverage is sparse.


    4G LTE MIMO Desktop or Wall Mounted Antenna
    1,Mimo antenna with two meters cables
    2,Support SMA/CRC9/TS9 connectors customizes
    3,Improves mobile hotspot antenna efficiency by up to 50%
    4,Covers a wide band spectrum (700~2600MHz)
    5,Usable indoors desktop or wall mounted
    6,Simple installations, no software required
    7,Improve performance in areas with low 3G OR 4G signal strength 
    8, Quick to setup and use