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Realtek RTL8773B is an active noise reduction Bluetooth 5 dual-mode audio single chip. It is suitable for Bluetooth smart headset solutions. In addition to supporting the latest Bluetooth specifications. It also supports the Hybrid ANC architecture, maintaining the advantages of ultra-low power consumption for listening and calling. To assist manufacturers upgrade Audio products. That achieve characteristic Hi-Res (high-resolution, high-definition) sound quality, which greatly enhances consumers' music listening experience.  

Realtek RTL8773B supports digital reverberation ANC, with a noise reduction effect of up to 40Db. when the Hybrid ANC is turned on, the power consumption is less than 1Ma. It supports on-the-fly and seamless master-slave switching in the charging box. It can be switched seamlessly  to pair two headphones once. 

RTL8763BFP chipset bluetooth earphones feature & advantage,

Support Bluetooth 5.0
Intelligent role exchange, seamless exchange
Google quick pairing
RCV3.1 technology is used for narrowband and wideband voice connections, with clear sound quality and can reduce wind noise
RWS2.0 for A2DP/HFP, true wireless stereo
Instant start
Precise audio synchronization
Low battery triggers role conversion, and audio playback time is extended by 25%

Realtek chips are very outstanding in terms of low latency. After RTL8763BFP, a latency of 100ms or less can be achieved.

Support BT5 dual mode
Cortext-M4 80Mhz + DSP 160Mhz
24Bitx96Khz analog output/input
24Bitx192Khz I2S interface/SPDIF
USB audio / charger / 2xMic / AEC / NR
Ultra-low power consumption <6.5mA (A2DP)
RWS (True Wireless Stereo)
QFN40 / 48/68 / TFBGA 4.5x6
RWS/stereo/mono headset
Mass Produce: 18Q1

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