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TIME:2021-03-01      VIEWS:43

What is advantages for our airoha chipset bluetooth earbuds?

In early 2019, Airoda launched the first generation of AB1532 chip using MCSync technology. This solution has the advantages of being more stable, supporting high-resolution audio stream, low latency, more balanced binaural power consumption, and applicable to various mobile phone platforms. At the same time, MCSync technology supports multiple speakers connection. In mid-2019, Airoda launched the more mature AB1536 chip with excellent performance and all technical indicators are on par with AirPods. 

The new earphones are released recently in our factory , using Airo's latest 156x chip. We have made many innovations on the TWS true wireless bluetooth headset. In the square inch, we must not only ensure the sound quality, but also take into account the noise reduction, but also consider the battery life. After comparing multiple chips, Airo 156x chip is small in size, multi-functional, simple in peripherals, and can be flexibly adapted to various molds. At the same time, it is powerful and high in transmission efficiency. It is valued by HUAYUIN headphones and continues to reach depth with Airo Technology Cooperation.

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