Does it bigger antenna better for WIFI router?

TIME:2021-02-28      VIEWS:20

Does it bigger antenna better for WIFI router?

There is common but misconception is that it will take the signal much better if the bigger size of the antenna on WiFi equipment; unfortunately it often has the opposite effect and makes things bad!

All antenna focus a signal, like a torch might have a long narrow beam or a short wide one.

With directional antennas, the higher the gain (more dBs) the far distance but narrow for the width of the signal.
For omni-directional antenna, it send the signal all round. as the gain is increased, the flatter it becomes. So if put a higher gain antenna on downstairs router, maybe the signal upstairs has disappeared!
When choosing the antenna , It is careful to consider how far signal you would like to reach. 

And remember it isn’t better if antenna is bigger!

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