Is there advice for LTE antenna installation?

TIME:2021-02-28      VIEWS:25

1) How to get the best signal from the antenna?
First Orientation and position most important 

2) Does it bring any effect to the antenna if the antenna cable longer and shorter?
If the antenna cable is longer, it reduce signal.when you near the tower, It will have minimal impact if you use max 10m additional cable. It should have suitable mounting postion if cable longer than 10m.

3) Is there software to use except the LTE modem to test the strength of the signal?
The modem is easiest option really. There are software available on smartphones . Although the phones don’t have connectors for the antenna . Sometimes it is useful to see the location if position on roof etc. Whether it delivers signal better signal than other location of house/building.
Please be patient to read the modem signal strength – it takes 10 sec or more to update readings so don’t change the position of the antenna too fast. If know the modem response to look at the signal when the antennas are disconnected, to see how fast it responds when connecting the antenna. You will get that there are quite delay between disconnecting the antenna and see the display on the modem changing.

4) Does it install higher better if mounting an antenna on a pole?
When you are far away from a mobile base station, it makes a different for different height. If you are close to the base station, but are obstructed by building. It will be irrelevant. It is much more important to find the optimal position – It is low rather than high.

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