Why is my router performance bad after I connected an external antenna?

TIME:2021-02-27      VIEWS:24

Why is my router performance not well after I connected an external antenna?
Here are some of the reasons you might meet a worse performance after connecting an external antenna:
1) Internal / External Antenna Selection: There is an option to select between an ‘Internal’ and the ‘External’ antenna for some router. If this option is selected wrong, the router will not get any benefit from the external antenna. So it is important to check whether the router is set corrently for this option after connect an external antenna. Not all routers have this option, it is better to refer the router manual.
Damaged coax cables:  When a coax cable is bent or compressed, the inner materials may become damaged and will affect the working of the wireless system. Damaged coax cannot always be seen from the exterior and needs to be tested to confirm its performance.
Coax cable impedance not same: When the incorrect impedance specification is used, this will cause a mismatch between the antenna and the radio of the router, which will affect the wireless working. It is important to ensure that the same impedance is used for the whole system e.g. using a 50 Ohm antenna with a 50 Ohm coaxial cable, with the 50 Ohm router or radio is necessary.
Antenna install orientation: It is most important to install antenna orientation when using a uni-directional antenna.
Installation obstructions: If obstructions (trees, buildings, etc.) is very near to the antenna. It may cause the antenna signal to be obstructed. Although Line-of-Sight (LOS) is not always needed between the base station and the customer antenna. it is best to install the antenna as less barrier as possible . That get more signal.
RPSMA connectors: An RPSMA connector is often used as SMA connector, (RPSMA connectors are normally used for Wi-Fi applications). We occasionally find customers connecting an RPSMA to an SMA connector; these connectors are partially compatible from a mechanical perspective, but they are not compatible electrically. Please ensure that the connectors are checked for this easy mistake.

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