How to Choose 4G LTE Antenna?

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The 4G network coverage has improved and used widely in the world over the last couple of years, and for many people working from home or residing in more rural areas. Sometimes, it is entirely possible that we can connect to a 4G network with decent signal strength outside of a building.  As nature of radio waves we often meet the situation where the 4G coverage is quite bad, or at building inside, there is a real weak connection, a slow bandwith or 4G connection interrupts. 

Unfortunately, radio waves do not penetrate through objects very well, and the higher the frequency the less so, but luckily it is easy to solve by using 4G booster or 4G external indoor outdoor antenna.

1,What is 4g antenna?

4G antenna:  It is a device that transforms the energy of high-frequency current or waveguide method into electromagnetic wavesand emits them in a regular direction. or restores electromagnetic waves from a certain direction to high-frequency currents. 

By using an 4G antenna (whether indoor or outdoor 4F antenna) you can strengthen your 4G connection significantly. This increases the signal strength, the signal stability and thus the transmission rate of your 4G connection.

The 4G signal is generally transmitted via three different frequency bands (800MHz, 1800MHz and 2600MHz). We offer suitable 4G antennas for all mentioned frequency bands. Alternatively, you can also find so-called Multiband 4G antennas. These cover all frequency bands simultaneously and can therefore be used as a universal 4G antenna.

2, How to classify the 4G antenna?

a) Classified by use: it can be divided into communication antennas, TV antennas, radar antennas, etc. 

b) Classified by operating frequency band: It can be divided into short-wave antennas, ultrashort-wave antennas, microwave antennas, etc.

c) Classified by directivity: It can be divided into omni directional antenna, directional antenna, etc. 

d) Classified by shape: It can be divided into linear antennas , Planar antenna, etc.

3, How to choose 4G lte antenna?

a) Omni directional 4G antenna, which shows uniform radiation in 360° on the horizontal pattern, is also called non-directional, and shows a beam with a certain width on the vertical pattern. In general, the smaller the lobe width , The greater the gain. 

The advantages of omni directional antennas are generally used in communication systems with short distances and large coverage area.

We are professional 4G 5G antenna manufacturer, there are many types omni 4g lte antennas for indoor and outdoor use. With unique patent design. 

4G LTE Indoor Antenna

The small X-Cross antenna is unique purposefully designed for 4G hotspot, router and mobile. This omni-directional antenna is suitable for indoor use, typically stick on window or desk. The X-Cross antenna is designed with installation simplicity in mind, while covering the LTE frequency bands 690 – 2700MHz. This antenna has a superior electrical performance over the whole 690 - 2700MHz LTE/cellular bands.

4G WIFI Modem External Antenna

It is a range of low cost high performance wall, windows ,desktop antennas for temporary fit applications. unique design with patent.Antenna with frame design which can put different beauiful pictures.  
Supplied with a convenient 2m (6’) length of flexible RG174 cable the antenna is easy to install and compatible with a large range of modems or routers.

4G Router Indoor Antenna

The indoor antenna is designed for router or modem with specially bracket. which can fix on the windows or desk stronger. The antenna is an integrated solution with Multiband omni directional 4G antenna.

3G / 4G LTE Mimo Indoor Antenna for modem 2* TS9 CRC9

This multiband 3G / 4G omni directional antenna has a gain of 12dBi and is designed for the frequency ranges of 700-900 MHz, 1800-2100 MHz and 2400-2700 MHz. It is small and  portable with handle which convenience to carry. The multi omni antenna only can be connected to any 4G / 3G / 2G modem with 2*TS9*CRC9.

Rubber Duck 4G LTE Antenna SMA Connector

The "rubber-duck" style antenna is an 220 mm, omni-directional antenna that provides 12 dBi of gain and supports all 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE/xLTE/AWS frequency bands (698-2700 MHz) used by Europe U.S. and Canadian cellular.

Wireless 4G Antenna for Router

GX-A4O-013 Antenna is a high-efficiency mid-gain 3G/4G omnidirectional antenna. The "rubber-duck" style antenna is an 7.7 inch (200 mm) omni-directional antenna that provides 8 dBi of gain and supports all 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE/xLTE/AWS frequency bands (700-2700 MHz) 

CDMA GSM 3G 4G LTE WiFi 698 -2690 MHz  Directional Base Station Antenna for Repeater Booster Amplifier

b) Directional 4G antenna show a certain view point plan radiation in the horizontal pattern, which is also called directional, and show a beam with a certain width on the vertical pattern. Like the omni directional antenna, the beam width is larger. Smaller, the greater the gain.

The directional antenna faces an angle during use, so it can be pointed directly at its direction like a satellite, which prevents the signal from spreading, and faces the designated signal source forcefully, so that the application distance is relatively far.

There are several types 4G directional antenna in our factory horizontal&vertical polarization type with bracket mounted on wall , windows or tube ect. 

Wholesale multiband panel outdoor 4g antenna, 4g lte mimo antenna sma 2*22dbi waterproof 5m, 10m cable with wall mounted .

The Directional LTE/4G antenna for the Huawei ZTE router is a perfect outdoor device for mobile. It is fixed installations like mobile internet connectivity, CPE Router, Hotspot, Cellular Gateway, Industrial, IoT Router,Trail Camera Game Camera, Outdoor Security Camera. 

The rugged, weatherproof housing is designed for wall mounting. Wall and mast mounting brackets are provided.The bracket design is suitable for tube or windows.

High gain long range 698~2690mhz 4g lte directional outdoor antenna on hot sale 

The antenna is a MIMO signal boosting antenna for 3G and 4G networks with high gain across 1710-2170MHz, directional 4g mimo antenna for Wi-Fi /WLAN /MIMO /Bluetooth System.

The range is housed in impact resistant, UV stabilised plastic. The antenna is sealed to be weatherproof. It can be making N female connector  for indoor and outdoor deployment. including In Building coverage or network infill applications. 

4, Which connector should be choose for the 4G antenna ?

As 4G external antenna, there is SMA Male, FME Female, TS9, CRC9 ect many types connector. So it should better to check how many antenna connectors and connector type on device. For example, if using huawei B953 4G LTE Router, we can find the connector for external 4g antenna from back.
If the device connector is SMA female , it is right we choose the correct 4g antenna connector is SMA male.
5, How long and what type cable should be ordered for the antenna ?

It depend on how long the distance between the router and the location where to install antenna. For example, if your Huawei B953 router near the window , the distance less than 10 meters. It is suitable to select the extend cable 10m.  the antenna cable is better in short as the cable is longer, the gain is lose more. If the device is far from the installation place, it is better select high quality material cable to reduce the gain loss. Such as 5D-FB, 4D-FB, RG58 cable ect.

If you are looking for 4G antenna and would like to know more antenna types, price ,spec ect. Welcome to contact us a professional 4G antenna manufacturer!


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