WiFi Antennas Explained – Types of WiFi Antennas

TIME:2021-02-20      VIEWS:22

What is WIFI Antenna?
WIFI is a brand of wireless network communication skills, held by the Wi-Fi Alliance.
WIFI antenna characteristics
When choosing an antenna, pay attention to whether the antenna connector matches the connector of the connected device. Generally, SMA and TNC for WIFI are mainly used on the router. If the connector on the 2.4G wireless monitoring device matches, it can also enhance the wireless signal.  The antenna base is magnetic and can be attracted to the surface of metal objects. making the antenna receive a stronger signal. To plug for play without any additional conditions. The gain and directionality of the antenna are also the key points to be considered.
What is WIFI antenna function? 
WIFI antenna is primarily to enhance the wireless network signal.
What kind of WiFi antenna?
Built-in and external two types
External ones are generally used in products such as wireless routers.
The built-in products are used in mobile phones, mobile computers and other products.
The built-in wifi antenna is divided into two categories:
One is a non-standard antenna
The second is a standardized antenna:

The earliest use of LTCC technology to make standardized wifi antenna products, because of the wide bandwidth and general performance. Foreign Airgain launched high-temperature resistant plastic-encapsulated standard antennas for use in notebook computers. Domestic Micro Aeromagnet launched a series of magnetic dielectric wifi antennas for mobile phones.

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