Advantages of Huayuin PixArt Chip Bluetooth Earphones

TIME:2021-02-04      VIEWS:150

What are the advantages of PixArt chipset headphones?

The original Pixart TWS Bluetooth 5.0 chip was released at the end of 2018. It included PAU1603 5X5MM and PAU1623 BGA 4X4MM. Supports seamless switching between master and slave, which can be used anytime. HD audio decoding. Smooth, no delay, no lag. Good anti-interference performance, compatible with IOS/multi-type Android mobile phone system. Support 3D sound effects, specially developed for TWS headsets. Support voice,support notification noise reduction, power consumption: ultra-low latency< 200ms. Working power consumption: 8ma built-in charging adjustable 5ma-400ma. There are many specific functions, this chip is a high-end product.

T20 is a binaural wireless connection stereo Bluetooth headset. It is  using the original phase technology 5.0 chip design. To achieve wireless transmission of high-quality stereo music between the left and right earphones and the mobile phone.  T20 is the first to achieve like Apple airpods. The left and right earphones directly Connect to the mobile phone. Instead of the traditional TWS, mobile phone music needs to be transmitted through the host and then to the slave for music and sound transmission. The left and right earphones directly connected to the mobile phone have the strongest anti-interference, the lowest delay, better sound quality, and lower Radiation and other advantages greatly improve the convenience and safety of TWS headsets. The product design is compact and comfortable to wear. With a 400mA large-capacity charging box, it realizes an integrated charging and storage design, which greatly improves the product's battery life.

Innovative Technology

Separate design for left and right ears

Supports mono mode and binaural mode

The headset is comfortable to wear and does not fall off

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